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August 14, 2011

Typo apologies

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Hello readers of Featherduster in Africa. Gosh I should update this site as I have been back to Tanz and enjoyed the most perfect of holidays. And before you accuse me of selling out…contributing to the Tanzanian economy is the most important thing you can do…so do it.

However, I need to apologise as – re-reading the site – I realise there are a large number of typos. Now, I could go back and correct them. BUT…I think it is probably more authentic to keep them as, at the time, I was operating under extreme internet unfriendly conditions. So, sorry peeps and normally I am quite particular about this kind of thing…


November 8, 2008


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I campaign for this song to be no. 1. It’s a joy.

August 8, 2008

Dreaming of Zanzibar

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I really want to back to Africa and not just to be doing this (I have a very similar photo of my time in Zanzibar). I’ve started reading a few Africa-related blogs and the itch that is the Africa drug is getting louder by the day. I’ve also just heard from the little girl I am sponsoring in Ethiopia and I so would like to meet her.

To execute this plan I have to get a job and then persuade the Beloved to take time off and come with me. Or win the lottery – oh well may be a bit of a long term plan then.

January 28, 2008

Long time

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But thoughts of Africa are still strong and I SO want to go back soon.

Showed my friends my pics on Saturday and all agreed I looked much healthier and happier in Africa (a London winter is challenging even to the most naturally radiant complexions).

I am also delighted to report that I have had emails from my ladies – hurrah! I am less delighted to report that the package I sent about two months ago has yet to turn up.

November 19, 2007

Long Way Down

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I urge everyone to watch this series – especially now they’ve reached sub-Saharan Africa. I had a smile on my face the size of the Equator – it really brings Africa to life from poverty and senseless fighting to elephants on your doorstep.

November 9, 2007


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009_20071103_031107mam%200511.jpgIt was fabulous to see everyone again on Saturday. The best thing was we were ‘never before seen’ clean and tidy: some might even say glam!

October 30, 2007

12th October

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So to make my last night in Africa more authentic the lights have gone off! Packing by candlelight? Hmmm…could be a challenge!

My last real day in Moshi. Class was short mainly because I only had three pupils – all the others were preparing for my party! So at one o’clock I went to my party and it was so lovely: really good food. I bought a cake and we did the whole cakey song and feeding it business which was fun if slightly…well just hysterical. I think I previously would have been mortified but I’ve discovered half the battle is just “going for it”. I got a lovely present of a top and a skirt in a material that I’ve been admiring for weeks and never said anything – they knew me better than I thought! I hope they liked the presents which were my things – a sort of mish mash but I hope they like them because I meant to give them with love but ranged from a pillowcase (random) to hand cream. I even gave away my sunglasses (which are the envy of most of the children in Njoro) to Junior. I also brought a present for Mama Mmassy’s eldest daughter who just had her baby and they asked if I would like to go and see her so I got to see a very tiny and cute baby.

All was well until they started singing for me. They had made up or adapted a couple of songs and it was just so lovely. I managed to video most of it except that I couldn’t video the song that ended up with most of us in tears. It was a wonderful time, it was all for me which was slightly strange and I still think about all the things I could have, should have done…but I realise what I’ve done is enough for these ladies and it was a wonderful end to a wonderful time.

10th October

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So today I had to say my first “good bye” because I was leaving – no fun at all.

9th October

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Back from paradise where it rained today – how dare it?! Actually wasn’t too bad in Paje but there were rather unpleasant floods in Stone Town.

Managed to get back with my rucksack as hand luggage but not without some irritating git making me open everything including my notebook – what was I smuggling – sand?!

Quite glad to be back in Moshi, feels a bit like home so I have no idea what proper home will feel like. On the down side some Germans have moved into the guest house and where are they currently drinking beer and talking loudly? At the bar? Oh no, at the table about 3 feet from my bed – hurrah! Forgot to mention that in Zanzibar where there’s about four sunbeds per person, what did the Germans do? Yes, put their towels out before they went to breakfast – is it a national psychosis? If only the Third Reich had known, they just could have put some beach towels out all over Europe and there would have been no need for any of that silly war business! Apart from the Americans and the English, they are my least favourite holidaying race.

7th October

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Well I’ve just had one of life’s more energetic massages! No pleasantly drifting off to sleep – she was exceedingly firm! Plus the added sand means I am very well exfoliated. I am also a bit pink today – the breeze means you never quite realise how strong the sun is and my new itsy bitsy bikini has given me comedy tan lines – hmmm potentially not a good look.

Other things I mean to wrie about but keep forgetting: Tanzania has been a bit of a fruit adventure. I;ve tried mango (not as sweet as at home so therefore much nicer), papaya, passionfruit (too many pippy bits although the flavour is quite nice), even oranges (just to suck the juice out of) plus tons of pineapple and watermelon – mmm. Okay not an exciting adventure for most people but quite exciting for me. Oh I’ve also eaten avocado like a fruit here which was a bit odd although to my mind they don’t let them ripen enough.

The other thing I’ve noticed is the really good clouds you get here. Admittedly they don’t have many clouds but the ones they do have are almost perfect: all white a fluffy and like the clouds you draw when you’re little. I spent quite a long time watching clouds yesterday (trying not to read too fast) and it was really interesting how bits of clouds would break off and then dissolve – there’s probably a scientific term for it but I just know it was pretty to watch.

I have spied a new single person today so hopefully we can add her to our sad singles group or I can make a bid for freedom. I’ve ordered a seafood platter tonight which I’m very excited about but I don’t want it to be spoiled by strained conversation – truth is Mr Norway and I have kind of peaked on the chatting front.

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